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Are you sick and tired of cement caulking being left on your walls and dealing with dripping? What a mess and what a waste!

With the Cement Caulking Pump, you can leave your frustrations at the door. Easily apply cement to walls, door frames, between bricks, and many other places.

The pump frame, nozzle, and handle are made from high-quality ABS material that you can trust. The main shaft is constructed from stainless steel. The vacuum socket is equipped with high-density rubber.

Place the desired nozzle onto the main frame/pump and dip it into the prep-cement. Next, pull the handle backwards to load the pump with cement. Then, point the pump at the area to be caulked and slowly push the handle forward to apply the cement.

Comes with 4 nozzles in the sizes of 14, 23, 35, and 60 mm.